Thanking my teachers



On this day I take the opportunity to thank all the people who came into my life and taught me all those many valuable lessons. But more then just the people I remain eternally grateful to all my teachers who taught me, inspired me and moulded me into the person I am today. I only find myself blessed to have had the opportunity to learn under my teachers!



The Bat of Honour – Sachin Tendulkar


I came across this monument yesterday while taking a stroll on the Carter Road with a friend. This monument titled the “Bat of Honour” is dedicated to the God of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar! Its an amazing feeling to see this and also the feeling you live in the same city where the great maestro grew up playing cricket! it was a pleasant surprise amidst all the football fever!

Minimalistic wallpapers inspired from social media!

I was just going through some really interesting articles online and this suddenly occurred to me. Why not make minimalistic type-based wallpapers for our everyday desktops?

Check out these very simple text based wallpapers inspired by social media. I will be honest its not all original, just an exercise I gave myself after reading an article on Mashable

Attack of the Drones – it will rain Pizzas!

If you are in Mumbai you definitely are familiar with the traffic and guess what this one Pizza joint decided to do? Published on the Outlook today is this very interesting article about how this Pizza Joint used a “Drone”, Quadricopter, to deliver pizza.


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Ghost Stories – Coldplay

Well what do you know my favorite band of all time finally comes out with a new Album..

Coldplay sounds so different from when I started listening to them. Ghost stories is different sound with amazing music. I am grabbing my copy soon!

Check out A Sky Full of Stars from the album

Panoh!rama – share your “panorama” photos

With Instagram being the most favorite app for sharing instant pictures with your friends and the world the people at Panoh!rama decided to take it a notch higher. They announced they were coming soon last month and yesterday they just launched their web-app/website for users to upload their panorama photos. You already have quiet a few images uploaded by various users.

First look at the Panoh!rama web app

First look at the Panoh!rama web app

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Redesigning the airline boarding pass

Last month I was looking up some designers and their work for inspiration and I stumbled upon Peter Smart. Apparently his redesign for the airline boarding pass has really taken a buzz around.

As part of one his projects titled 50problems50days, the Airline boarding pass was one of the problems he came across.

The current Boarding Pass

The current Boarding Pass

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Heritage Walk #Ahmedabad 2012

In the December of 2012 after living for almost 8 years in the city I finally had decided to go on a heritage walk in the older part of the city to explore a word so very different form the one I lived in! Special thanks to my colleague, Avik Ganguli, who pushed me to take him.